Many paths lead to Bari-it can be reached by road, air or sea. The town shows strong historical features and a lively economic environment. Just enjoy its cathedrals, churches, castles, walls, trulli, manor farms, dolmens and  factories,  manufactures, craftsman laboratories… they are all part of the urban and suburban landscape and embody the successful eastern union between talent and entrepreneurial attitude.
From the countryside to the sea: look at the “nel blu dipinto di blu” (in the blue painted blue), this is Volare sung by Domenico Modugno – he was born in the beautiful town of Polignano a Mare – and the white patterns of the rose windows of Romanesque cathedrals, these two colours are the perfect embodiment of this land. Water and stone are the foundation stones of a “liquid” society, a welcoming society, which is also a “solid” one and wants to protect its rural peculiarities that have been transformed into traditions and customs, even culinary ones.
UNESCO included Castel del Monte in its World Heritage Sites List in 1996. The reason why Castel del Monte was included is “its exceptional universal value, which is shown by the perfection of its architecture…A unique medieval architectural masterpiece, which symbolizes the humanism of its founder. Frederick Il, Holy Roman Emperor”.
In that same year, the Bari area and its beauty were honoured again by UNESCO. The Trulli in Alberobello became a UNESCO World Heritage site, because “they are an example of buildings dating back to pre-history time, which survived over the centuries, even if they have constantly been in use up to the present day”.

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1 Walk through the historical town of Bari and along the city walls. Your afternoon snack will be the typical focaccia baked in the bakeries located in the narrow alleys of the town. Visit the cathedral, the San Nicola church and the Svevo Castle.

2 You’ll visit Molfetta and its San Corrado cathedral, a peculiar example of Romanesque and Apulian architecture. You will then enjoy a walk through the port. Then, you’ll visit the splendid Trani cathedral which was built by using the local chalky tuff. In the afternoon, your guided tour will accompany you to Castel del Monte, the XII century castle that was built by order of the Emperor Frederick II. It was used as a private home and a public residence.

3 Let’s go south: you’ll visit the town of Polignano a Mare and its overhanging cliffs, you’ll enjoy your ice-cream (Polignano is famous for it!) in one of the cafés along the gallery. Then, you will visit the Trulli in Alberobello, the typical stone buildings that are still enriching and adding a monumental touch to the Apulian countryside thanks to the mastery of trullari, local craftsmen who take care f these buildings.

The Alta Murgia park, Gravina, the coastal town of Bisceglie and Monopoli, Barletta, the Castellana caves, Conversano and Mola di Bari.


Bari airport, Port of Bari (daily links to Greece, Croatia, Albania and Montenegro), Bari railway station.


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