Sardinia is a treasure to be discovered with its beauties, unique and different in every territory, islands in the Island. Centuries long stories and still alive traditions give visitors always new and engaging experiences, such as the descent of candlesticks, the great feast on August 14th in honor of Our Lady of the Assumption. It is a religious procession that crosses the historical center of Sassari, tightening to itself the whole population in an event of great charm and transport, among the most important in Sardinia. In 2013, Unesco declared it Immaterial Patrimony. The descent comes from the vow made to the Madonna dell’Assunta, who in 1652 saved the city from the plague. A vote that the Gremi, the ancient guilds of Arts and Crafts – Butchers, Blacksmiths, Piccapietre, Viandanti, Contadini, Carpenters, Ortolani, Calzolai, Masons, Tailors and Masons in Sassari in the Middle Ages, dissolve each year. Each corporation is identified by a candlestick, a huge wooden candle weighing 300/400 kg, carried on the shoulders and arms of eight bearers, under the direction of a candlestick head.
The colors and scents that tell Sardinia, the real one, explode on the penultimate Sunday of May with the Cavalcata, the most important secular party on the island: a parade of groups from different centers that gather every year the popularity of tourists and fans of local traditions. Finally, the uncontaminated nature and the unmistakable sea represent the treasure chest capable of embodying emotions that history, art and culture are able to make visitors breathe every moment of their vacation.

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1 Walking tour of the historic center of Sassari, where you can admire the Cathedral of San Nicola, Palazzo Ducale and Palazzo di Città, the fulcrum of the Descent of the Candlesticks, with a projection of the relative short film. History enthusiasts, however, can visit the G.A Sanna National Archaeological Museum in via Roma. At dinner, we recommend tasting traditional recipes in a typical restaurant.

2 After admiring the Fountain of Rosello, we advice leaving for the prenururagic altar of Monte d’Accoddi, unique in its kind. In the afternoon, instead, you could visit the Argentiera mine, site of the Sardinian geominerary park and UNESCO heritage. To end the day in the best way you can do a tour of the beaches and the scenic spots of the Nurra coast.

3 If you are in Sassari on August 14th, you can not miss the preparation for the Descent of the Candlesticks in the evening at the Germans’ headquarters. From 6 pm the real event will begin, starting from Piazza Castello, and continuing along Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Corso Vico, to arrive in the church of Santa Maria di Betlem, where the vote for the Madonna dell’Assunta is dissolved in the night.

At 15 minutes from Sassari is the archaeological site of Sardinia prenuragica, Monte d’Accoddi
15 minutes from Sassari is the Basilica of the Holy Trinity of Saccargia, a Romanesque Pisan style church.
At 30 minutes the city of Alghero with its Catalan Gothic style buildings
At 40 minutes from Sassari is the village of Castelsardo

By plane : Alghero Airport – Fertilia (about 30 km away), Olbia Airport – Costa Smeralda (about 120 km away)
On boat: Port of Porto Torres (about 20 km away), Port of Olbia (about 107 km away) Port of Golfo Aranci (about 125 km away)


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