Experience Lab | MIRABILIA

Design, management and innovative promotion of the touristic experiential offer on the UNESCO World Heritage

An unconventional course in design, management, and promotion of the touristic experiential offer dedicated to the companies involved in the project MIRABILIA and possibly also to any other interested parties to support operators and administrations in the enhancement of the touristic offer in the territories.
Participants will be taught how to convert traditions, passions and local businesses in activities to offer visitors, especially in the cultural field. The teacher selected is, first of all, a motivator, an expert in experiential tourism and cultural heritage, and its task is to share with destination the tools you need to surprise and enchant the visitor, based on the resources available in the destination.
Design: How to create an experience? How to transform traditions and passions in the touristic offer?
Management: How to create a touristic offer? How would you handle the best?
Innovative promotion: How do you tell an experience? How best to use the new media?


ISFORES, Azienda Speciale della CCIAA di Brindisi


We are at your disposal for information on the training courses.
E-mail: isfores.brindisi@libero.it segreteria@promobrindisi.com


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